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Dear customers, welcome to ‚Homburger Hof‘!

The historical walls of this house go back to more than 100 years of traditional gastronomy.

Our traditions-inn opens daily at 10am and after 11am we have non-stop hot cuisine.

We look forward to pamper you with fresh products of chosen suppliers of this region and changing recommendations.

Enjoy our different, seasonal changing draft-beers in the most quaint pub atmosphere for miles around. Furthermore recommends our restaurant leader the big assortment of wine, which holds even for wine lovers some specialties.

We gladly organize ur festivities individual and just for your desires. We take time to sit down by a cup of tea to plan your event.
No matter to your preferences of buffet or menu, put your event in our trust!

By the way: Monday – Saturday 4pm-6pm “Happy Hour” UrPils 0,3 just 1,70 & Weizen 0,5 just 2,50

Appetizers & Soups

with diced sausage and beerbread-croutons
€   3,90

Beef broth
with liver dumplins
€   4,20

Crispy Potatoe Pancakes
with house pickled salmon and salad
€   8,90


Small mixed salad
€   3,20

Big mixed salad
€   5,50

mixed lettuce and crudites
with crispy beerbread-dices and shepherds cheese
€   8,90

mixed lettuce and crudites
with baked hot-sausage
€   9,50

mixed lettuce and crudites with baked chicken & mushrooms,
garnished with seasonal fruits
€   9,90

Salad “Ochsenfetzen”
mixed lettuce & crudites with baked beef strips and mushrooms
€   10,90

We serve our homemade beerbread with these meals. We serve our salads as ’small portion‘ on demand.

Meatless choices

Homemade potatoe pancakes
with apple sauce and salad
€   6,40

(german kind of pasta baked with cheese) with fried onions
€   7,40

Baked feta cheese
garnished with tomatoes, peppers, olives, onions and garlic and salad
€   8,40

Typical ’saarlaendisch‘

with crispy fried potatoes
€   7,90

Filled potato dumpling
with baconsauce and fied potatoes
€   7,80

with home pickled salmon, horseradish-leek-sauce and salad
€   8,20

1 filled potato dumpling, 1 hoorischer & 1 liver dumpling with bacon-sauce,
dark-beer-sauce and Sauerkraut
€   9,20

fried on a spear, with mustard, fried potatoes and salad
€   8,90

“ Tafelspitz “ on horseradish-sauce
with potatoes and red-beet-salad
€   12,80


“the Classic”
with bacon and onions
€   7,40

with tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms and olives
€   7,70

with olives, onions, tomatoes, peppers and feta cheese
€   7,90

with sausage, onion and cheese
€   7,90

“the Atlantic”
with pickled salmon, onions, garlic and cheese
€   8,50

Hearty entrees

Homemade liver dumplings
on Sauerkraut with dark-beer-sauce and our delicious beerbread
Fried potatoes with blood-sausage and liverwurst garnished with fresh crudites
€   8,20

Crispy pork (leg)
in whole cured and triggered
with sauerkraut, bread dumplings and dark-beer-sauce
€   8,20

Pork chops “Vienna Style”
with fries and salad
€   10,50

small portion
€   8,70

Creamy pork chops
with fries and salad
€   11,50

small portion
€   9,20

“Homburger Hof”-pork chops
with fried mushrooms, bacon & braised onions
with crispy fried potatoes and salad
€   12,50

small portion
€   9,90


hearty pickled Steak with herbed butter, fried potatoes and bacon-bean-cuffs
€   12,50

Rumpsteak with herbed butter
with fries and salad
€   16,90

Rumpsteak with onions & mushrooms
with fries and salad
€   17,90

Juicy Entrecote
grilled (about 300g) with herbed butter, fries and salad
€   20,50

Chicken breast with herbed butter
with fries and salad
€   11,50

Chicken breast “Tessiner Style”
baked with tomatoes and cheese,
on fruity tomato sauce with Tagliatelle and salad
€   13,50

For our little guests

Fries “Red-White”
€   3,20

Schnitzel “Harry Potter”
pork chops with fries and ketchup
€   5,60

Schnitzel “Hotzenplotz”
pork chops with cream sauce and fries
€   6,20

Butterspaetzle “Pinocchio”
german kind of pasta w cream sauce
€   5,40


Coffee Surprise
sweet little pie with vanilla ice cream,
with one espresso or coffee
€   5,90

Duett of Creme Brulee
with vanilla ice cream
€   6,40

with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
€   4,80

Crepes filled with vanilla ice cream
with roasted and caramelized
€   6,20

filled Crepes, with cherries cooked in Licorne
with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
€   5,50

Ice cream

Variation of ice cream
3 cubes of delicious Moevenpick ice cream of your choice
€   3,60

Variation of ice cream with whipped cream
3 cubes of delicious Moevenpick ice cream of your choice
with whipped cream
€   4,10

Vanilla ice cream with hot cherries
garnished with whipped cream
€   5,20

“A Classic”
vanilla ice cream with roasted and caramelized pumpkin seeds
on pumpkin oil
€   6,90

Ice coffee
€   3,90

Ice chocolate
€   4,20

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